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5 Haunted places for mumbai brave-hearts - Mad Over Living
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5 Haunted places for mumbai brave-hearts

haunted house

Love it or hate it but you simply can’t ignore haunted places’ popularity

Irrespective of the city, we are amazed by the curiosity this topic can generate among janta. Though intellectually we all refuse to agree on spooky stuff – guess somewhere we all are drawn towards it. We just can’t deny that the majority of people find it interesting. May be who knows – it actually exists. Like cliche goes – everything boils down to our own belief be it god or ghost ! It’s all in the mind

Based on our secondary research – we found the following quite eerie. Read at your own risk. We don’t take any responsibility for the authenticity of the stories stitched around these places

1). St John’s Baptist Church Andheri

Somehow old churches do generate fear generating vibes. May be that old stone building architecture, high ceiling, strong doors with locks & movies contribution make it more mysterious. Belief is that young bride is the ghost here & casting out rituals were done to remove her presence

St John's baptist church mumbai

Image Source :

2). Taj Mahal Hotel

Signature picture of Mumbai also has its own share of spooky stories. Legend goes to say that the architect was unhappy with the goof-up during the construction. Dukhi atma still visits the hotel & is seem to some. It’s also said that this ghost is harmless !!!

Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai

Image Source :

3). Mukesh Mills, Colaba

This is an old structure believed to be destroyed by fire mis-happening. Very popular as it is a common shooting destination for bollywood. Research says that Actors are spooked out sometimes & unit is left with no choice than to call it a day.

Mukesh mills colaba

Image Source : timesofindia

4). D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

We all know that people residing in chawl are usually well bonded. May be this is the reason that a lady who lost her life by falling into the well keep visiting the chawl. It’s said that she is harmless & only found near this infamous well.

D'Souza chawl mahim mumbai

Image Source : funjabimunda

5). Vrindavan Society, Thane

Who says – sense of humor is only meant for homo sapiens ? 🙂 It’s believed that ghosts in this society like slapping people. They are quite funny in their own way by keeping security alert at midnight. We like such ghosts. They are concerned about their society post death as well !!

vrindavan society thane mumbai

Image Source : hauntingindia.blogspot

Feature Image source: rebelsmarket