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5 Haunted Places in Hyderabad - Mad Over Living
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5 Haunted Places in Hyderabad

No city is an exception to alleged eerie places !!

City of Nizams & Pearls is also known for spooky areas. All you people out there – think twice before you venture out to explore the following places

List of 5 such places.. Beware of each scroll Hyderabad. Content is based on secondary research.

Disclaimer: Images are only representative

1). Banjara Hills

This is supposed to be the posh area of Hyderabad. But that doesn’t stop the restless spirits to create havoc. Graveyard on road no 12 is popular for all the wrong reasons. This road is capable of giving terrible shivers to the bravest. Cars have experienced sudden tyre puncture, street lights behave erratically & temperature starts to swing up & down

banjara hilla

Image source: fearandyou

2). Golkonda fort

One of the historic places. Popular for its evening light & sound show that attract visitors from all over the globe. Legend goes to say that the soldiers & a popular dancer spirit still haunts the place. Many claim to have watched her dance during dark hours. Painful cries are heard when crew was shooting especially post 6 PM. Make sure you visit the place in group after dark hours

Golconda fort

Image source: thehindu

3). Ramoji Film City

Quite a popular landmark since 1996. Children love this place because of amusement park. It’s said that production crew always experience strange & unearthly happenings. Ghosts seem to trouble girls the most. People have felt that they are being forcefully pushed from heights. Scribbles on mirror in urdu is inexplicable. May be  spirits also like filmy world just like humans !!

ramoji film city hyderabad

Image source: holidify

4). Ravindranagar colony

It’s said that spirits were under check coz of a temple. When temple got destroyed then it gave liberty to all evil spirits to trouble the residents. Lot many even committed suicide or left the houses in hurry due to the extreme horror impact they felt. All houses have some holy writings to ward off these monsters.Creepiest vibes are guaranteed if you make an entry into this area

ravindranagar colony hyderabad

Image source: fearandyou

5). Kundanbagh house

Peculiar story around this house creates all the problems. Woman & her two daughters were seen daily strolling with candles in their hand – typical hindi movie bhoot. Sometimes we wonder if it is the mind conditioning that make us see what doesn’t exist..!! When a poor thief barged into the house found dead bodies & when police investigated found that they were dead since 6 months. So how did people see the ladies everyday ?!! mystery to be solved


Image source: hauntingindia

Disclaimer: Some images can be just representative as stories are based on internet research

Feature image: mouthshut