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5 haunted places in pune - Mad Over Living
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5 haunted places in pune

haunted place

Shhh !! Darna Mana Hain

Shout out to all you brave-hearts out there in Pune.. Please beware of these places. Don’t try to mess with them.. There are lot of things that defy human logic & depend on just belief !! Haunted category is one such area.

If you believe then it exists.. If you don’t then it doesn’t exist

Disclaimer : All stories are based on internet research. There is no proof or logic to it. Read at your own risk

1). Residency club road Bungalow

This good old building literally talks during dark hours. People claim to have heard the loud screams & spooky laughter. Old lady is said to have been the cause of all this eerie experience around.She protects the place by avoiding trespassers. May be her heart is still in that bungalow & can’t let go of it.

Pune haunted fort

Image courtesy : holidify

2). Shaniwarwada fort

Fort is one of the tourist attraction. Legend says that the young prince spirit still lives in the fort. Especially on full moon – the effects are more pronounced. As they say full moon can even make tides go crazy. People  hear him screaming for help. Fort has faced the misfortune of fire as well. This place is definitely jinxed. Post Baji Rao movie this place has gained more attention

shaniwar wada fort

Image courtesy : fpinfo

3). Sinhagad fort

Another historic place related to maratha empire. People have heard cries of war & many unfortunate incidents have happened in & around this area. Ill-fated bus carrying children met with an accident & none survived.people are scared during to & fro journey to this place. Seems like maratha kingdom has its own share of secrets & mysterious events

sinhagad fort pune

Image courtesy : wikipedia

4). Khadki war cemetery

Cemetery word itself arouse the much required fear. Such places are like a big no no irrespective of whether you know or not the story behind the spooky quotient of the place. It’s said that the buried soldiers have possessed the place. Unnatural vibes are bound to be felt if you venture out to this area in dark.

khadki war cemetery

Image courtesy : freeimages

5). Victory Theatre

Horror experienced live in the vicinity. It’s not a movie guys !! Stay away – it’s real not reel !! Quite an old theatre & as expected all inexplicable experiences happen at unearthly hours at this place. People specially claim strange giggling voices. Another way to look at it is that some places actually demand privacy by emitting eerie vibes

victory theatre pune

Image courtesy : holidify

Feature image source : movingaheadservices

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