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5 lovely houses of Bollywood stars - Mad Over Living
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5 lovely houses of Bollywood stars

celebrity house

Home sweet home

Home is where heart is. Generally place of dwelling is a labor of love. It’s no different for our tinsel town’s stars. The place where they stay has always remained a point of curiosity for their fans since decades.

We have put together the most popular ones below

1). Amitabh Bachchan

Name doesn’t need any introduction. He is known for his refined taste when it comes to any aspect of his lifestyle. We wonder how lovely the interior of the house can be !! We liked the names as well – prateeksha & jalsa

Amitabh Bachchan house

Image courtesy: extramirchi & tumblr

2). Shah Rukh Khan

Baadshah ke ghar has to be larger than life. Mannat [house name] has sort of become a landmark in Mumbai. He literally conquered the city by ruling people’s heart

Shahrukhkhan house

Image : YouTube

3). John Abraham

Stud known for his bikes & now hez topping the charts with his lovely villa in the sky!

John sky villa John Abraham villa

Image courtesy : abrahamjohnarchitects

4). Salman Khan

Bhaijaan is known for his unique attitude & big heart. House is equally spacious.

salman khan house

5). Saif Ali Khan

Being a nawab – we expect his house to be no less than a palace & it does live up to our expectations

Saif ali khan house kareena kapoor

Image : intoday

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