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Opinion On Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice - New Trailer - Mad Over Living
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Opinion On Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice – New Trailer

Batman superman

Did they just kill Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice with the new trailer?

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We all knew (at least one who wrote this knew :)) the story of SvB:DoJ when it announced way back, that Superman would fight the Gotham bat and then join forces later to face a common enemy –who else, Lex Luthor of course.

Same was confirmed with the new trailer which shows both Superheroes (well assume Bats as one also) joined forces against Luther. Now the trailer went one step ahead (probably more than one) and introduced another (possibly the main) villain in the movie: Doomsday

So now the BIG question is: What else is left in the movie that would surprise us?

The two superheroes collide with each other first, then together against the creature – in brief that’s your movie.

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BatmanImage source:

A few other things to consider:

Doomsday: An Early Intro

First of all, I feel they have introduced Doomsday way too early in the DC movie franchise. If one goes by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s been 7 years now since the first movie was released (Iron Man in 2008) and they still haven’t shown the full power of Thanos – the most powerful one (he has cameos though, which only increases our expectations). Thanos appears in 2018; a full 10 years since the movies began.

DC has a lot of villains, but Doomsday is definitely up there among the biggest and he s already in the first franchise movie.

Doomsday: History

For all the comic fans, Doomsday needs no introduction, but for those who are not, Doomsday, like Superman, is also a kryptonian, created way before Man of Steel was born. He was destroyed and resurrected repeatedly until he became the most powerful of them all.

Doomsday is known for one thing, the most important thing: HE KILLED SUPERMAN

In the early 90’s comic issue, these two wage an epic battle and kill each other at the end with one fatal blow to each other.

Snyder’s Doomsday

Knowing Doomsdays importance and power, I just hope they don’t kill him off in the first movie itself (even the entire JL could not defeat him). Snyder has added new features to Doomsday with the laser beams.


Note: Above is the author’s point of view & MOL [Mad Over Living] doesn’t take any responsibility for the same

One thought on “Opinion On Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice – New Trailer

  1. Okay the ignorance is strong with this post!

    First and foremost Doomsday serves a single purpose, to create mindless havoc/destruction where ever he goes, he isn’t a deep or complex character to be a main villain of an entire movie, he simply cannot because the character isn’t written/created that way.

    That is why he works best as a brutal force created by Luthor in the context of this film. Either way Zack Snyder said there’s a deep mythology behind Doomsday and that will be explored in other movies.

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