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Best time to visit London Xmas & new year season - Mad Over Living
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Best time to visit London Xmas & new year season

london bridge

We can’t agree more on the popular saying that once in a lifetime one should visit London, New York & Paris. Best time is definitely during Christmas & New Years.

London City sparkles & emits electrifying vibes. Beauty of these popular places is that they give you a much needed change from your country & at the same time make you feel at home because of NRIs. You bump into Indians at all major tourist attraction. Who says we lack money ?! 🙂

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Signature Black cab of London. Reminds you of yellow cab of New York right ?

london black cab

Sing loudly – London Bridge is falling down falling down falling down

Reminds you of Nursery rhyme ?!  🙂 No harm keeping the child within you alive. Sing loudly

london bridge

London Eye view while cruising river Thames

london eyw

Legend says that if the Lion’s drinking then London is sinking. Water level indicator for Thames river

thames river london

Signature Big Ben & Westminster. reminds you of bollywood ? 🙂

London westminster

Those Lamps

lamps thames river londn

westminister spectacular

Kensington palace

Princess Diana, Queen Victoria – London is incomplete without remembering them. Palace lacks grandeur – the kind we see in India. But has very pleasant vibes

kensington palace

One remembers all the stories read/watched in media

palace secret



No girl will miss Harrods when in London

Do try their tea bags just for historic reason


Never forget work – Canary Wharf. Clients adda for Indian IT firms

Lodon canary wharf