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Actresses who say - Rules ? whatz that - Mad Over Living
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Actresses who say – Rules ? whatz that

Stop being victims of RULES

These performers just broke all stereotypes & made sure that we take a fresh perspective regarding the way we see the cinema & actresses

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

First Indian to win Miss world,First Indian to appear on Oprah show – This lady has many firsts in her kitty. Her choices along the way – be it the first movie she chose to do, her stance on weight issues, working post marriage/post kid, her charitable activities are commendable

Relentlessly working for 20+ years & still relevant & going strong ! She was an outsider & had no god father but her hard work/talent/charm/bit of luck took her places

Aishwarya rai bachchan

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Deepika Padukone

She was written off by critics as just a pretty face & was in news for all the wrong reasons. The way she came back with a bang especially post 2012 is beyond ordinary.

She smashed the box office numbers outside the boundary. She could carry a movie completely on her shoulder. She increased the confidence among producers that female actor can give them equal opening on friday as good as her male counterpart & so deservedly can command equal pay

Scripts are being written keeping her in mind. She proved that good content can sell on its own without hype by being part of movies like Piku/Finding fanny etc. This also reflects the changing mindset of Indian audience

Deepika padukone

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Priyanka Chopra

Talent overload is an under statement for this diva. There is no ‘impossible’ word in her dictionary. She took the risk of doing negative role early on in her career & proved her decision right. She is the first Indian to win people’s choice awards. First Indian to feature in american sitcom as a prime character.She launched her own music album.

Priyanka chopra

Kangana Ranaut

No god father & no family support – came to Mumbai all on her own in her teenage & in just 10 years she carved a niche for herself. The way she has shown resilience after each fall is praise worthy. She speaks her mind & she is capable of making her movie enter crore club just through her performance & zero gimmick. Doesn’t belong to any camp but still surviving

Kangana Ranaut

Image source: hdwallpapershoot

Vidya Balan

The number of failures this lady has endured is shocking ! We wonder how she managed to keep her faith so strong ! She was criticized for her fashion sense & not maintaining conventional weight that was considered right for the movie biz.

She just answered all the naysayers through her work. She was among the pioneers who could carry movie on her own & make the box office work through talent/good script & not through typical songs/stars/big production houses. Her choices just broke all stereotypes possible

vidya balan

Image source: skibul