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5 things to ponder upon by 30 - Mad Over Living
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5 things to ponder upon by 30

things to do by 30

Age is just a number – It’s what you feel at heart

We strongly believe that there are no rules. You can do whatever you want & whenever you want. It’s just a feel good factor to have the wish list & keep having check mark in front of each 🙂  It feels nice – try it out.

To each his/her own. You can have your own list & try the check mark process Else if you agree with us then try our list

1). Find what you love doing

It’s ok to experiment rather one should till you are convinced of your craft. You spend equal amount of time at work & at home during your lifetime. It counts !!! Assumption is that you like to work & are not lucky to inherit a huge fortune 🙂

Craft can be Singing,Dancing,Theatre,Painting,Farming,Interior designing, Coding , Marketing, Sales, any sport, writing .. Uff list is only limited by your liking ! It’s a blessing to find one in your 20s

This doesn’t mean that you find the best organisation to work with rather find what gives you the cliched ‘kick’. Like all matters of the heart – you just know it when it feels right. It’s a pleasure to hone your craft each day when you love it

happy worker

Image Source: businesspundit

2). Travel the world

Make sure you keep aside some budget of your earning towards this. Even if you don’t believe just go for it – you will be amazed at what all it can teach. You end up understanding how we all are connected irrespective of nationality, color, language etc. Emotions are universal. Do experience both solo & group travel. It’s liberating

If you are lucky to have your work take you places then never say NO. In hindsight you will realize watta gift it was !!

travel the world


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3). Invest in all kinds of relationships

Some investments don’t give you return but still make you rich 🙂 It’s a blessing if you can connect with the other person to an extent where you feel happy just being with them. No matter whether it lasts long or short – it counts ! Relationships bring in entire gamut of emotions which are enriching. Good, Bad, ugly – it matters & makes you more human. Wisdom is your biggest asset which can be earned only through experiences. So go for it without inhibitions or fear of the outcome. Relish the process. Don’t blame anyone if it doesn’t work [definition of what it means by working or not working is an individual choice] rather thank it happened. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in love with a deserved person !


Image Source: marcandangel

4). Financial Planning

Money makes world go round irrespective of whether you believe it or not ! Before you learn it the hard way – do your planning. By 30 – you should be in a position to be pension ready. Of late future has become so uncertain that you are left with no choice than to plan. Learn how to grow your money & go for guaranteed returns VS high risk high return funda. Once you have assured sum of money then try the rest of the options.

financial planning

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5). Health Priority

Given the day & age we are in – it’s a mandatory goal to have on our wish list. Lead a healthy & happy lifestyle. Every person’s journey is unique – stop comparing & enjoy your path at your own pace. Have regular health check ups – diseases are no more proportional to your age. It can visit you in your 20s as well. Balanced diet + work out is a must on daily basis. Without health – all the above 4 are simply not possible

health yoga

Image Source: bookurclass

6). Do it on your own

You will only know the value of anything when you earn it & not just get it.

Wanna – buy a car, designer clothes, house, land, travel the world, higher education, party in new york,hi fi job, good friends, true love – earn it the hard way.

That feeling when you keep checking the wish-list after you are done with it is PRICELESS