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Kool Kold Koffee

cold coffee

Coffee – Part of our life

follow Aroma of coffee can energize you – no matter what mess you are in at any time of the day or night 🙂 Whether it’s the perception or coffee actually has that quality – we donno & how does it matter as long as it’s working !! 🙂

http://tips2survive.com/tag/oldworld/ In this article – we are explaining the best way to make the yummiestestest cold coffee. We all know that taste is subjective. We can only hope that you try this out & like it 🙂

Simple steps:

1 cup of cold milk [make sure it’s your favorite cup 🙂 ]

http://noir-doha.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://noir-doha.com/terms-conditions/ Milk

Image source : infoaliment

2 spoon of sugar [quantity that suits you]

Bru [any brand] coffee powder – 1 spoon


Image source:123rf.com

French Vanilla creamer –  perfect coffee mate

french vanilla

Image source: bettervapes

Mix all the above ingredients in a shaker.Play your favorite song – move your hands in style holding the shaker.

Add a scoop of vanilla/chocolate ice cream & repeat the above step

chocolate scoop

Image source: footage.framepool

Refrigerate it for 30 minutes & pour it in your favorite cup. Presentation is only limited by your imagination

cold coffee

Image source: thinkcoffeelovers

Relish every sip – Trust us it’s heavenly. You become oblivious to your surroundings