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Ads - small price readers pay for free content - Mad Over Living
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Ads – small price readers pay for free content

Thank all the Digital Ads that you think annoy you

This article is to educate readers who think ads’ only job is to disturb your reading flow


Digital Ads

Imagine If you have to pay for all the google searches you make daily ? AND  pay for the website you land after clicking google search results ?

Nahh don’t even entertain such thoughts 🙂

Can you think of reading a stardust/femina magazine without paying for it

You will have to subscribe to the magazines or buy it – either way you end up paying for the content i.e. Text/Images

Femina stardust

Can you watch a popular[high TRP] show on TV without Ad breaks ?

comedy nights kapil

Image source: Indian Express

Just be more acceptable when you see an ad online so that all in the online eco-system get benefited

Can you hear radio/FM programs without ad breaks ?

vidya balan radio

Image source: radioandmusic

How else Google & Facebook can offer all of its services for free ?

One of their key revenue model is advertising avenues they provide.Our data is their product

google facebook

Image source : forbes

We think – it’s ok for Google to make money this way because the contribution of google to make our lives easy is immense.Imagine yourself in a foreign land without google maps ?! Nahh no way 🙂 Only reason why we readers can google stuff almost every hour & get all the valuable information for free is because of digital ads.

Ads allow the website owners/search engines who end up investing in creating & hosting content to get their rightly deserved ROI

Agree that content & ads need to get balanced be it online/magazine/tv/radio