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Haunted Places In Bangalore Which Are Not Worth Visiting At Night!! - Mad Over Living
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Haunted Places In Bangalore Which Are Not Worth Visiting At Night!!

Bangalore is Known as Silicon Valley of India, as it’s a place where you will find MNC’s, growing Start-ups & SMBs. It’s dream for every individuals residing in India to work in Bangalore at-least once in their life.

But, very few know that there are several Haunted Places in Bangalore which are not worth Visiting at Night.

1. Kalpalli Cemetery a.k.a St. John Cemetery, Sarvagna Nagar

It’s a well known feeling that cemetery is damn spooky & even the name can make one literally shiver.

One of the well known cemetery in Bangalore is Kalpalli Cemetery located at Sarvagna Nagar, where several people have reported seeing a scary man inside the cemetery premises walking in style. Wanna check his panache quotient ? 🙂

st. John cemetery


2. Terra Vera, St. Marks Road

It’s one of the famous haunted place – Most of the Bangaloreans are aware of this. People passing by have often heard screams & seen inexplicable happening.

The story behind this haunted place goes back to 2002 when Dolce Vaz, one of the two sisters, was killed by an unknown attacker. While the other sister, Vera Vaz, eventually moved out of the house due to some property issue. Despite the house got demolished – people still feel eerie vibes.

Bangalore haunted


3. Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli

Beware the next time when you board a late night flight at Bangalore International Airport !! It’s been reported back in 2008 when one of the Pilot reported seeing a lady in white saree walking on the runway.

Interestingly, the ground staff has also sighted the same lady in the Cargo Section of BIAL & if somebody approached to help or enquire her she vanishes. Adding further, there have also been rumors of headless ghost sighted near the escalators.



4. Naale Baa

The word Naale Baa means “come tomorrow” in Kannada. The story dates back to 90’s when a female ghost was said to frequently knock at doors especially during unearthly hours & spoke in the voice of the respective house dweller’s Kin. Legend says that the person who opened the door never saw the daylight again. To protect themselves from her – people started writing on their doors Naale Baa. Belief was that ghost knew kannada ! & would keep coming the very next day. Infinite loop – ‘come tomorrow’ 🙂

Naale BaaSource:

5. Victoria Hospital

Bangalore’s Victoria hospital near city market is over a century old. Ghost sightings have been reported on the premises of this hospital. A few years ago, strange happenings were reported at the hospital morgue. People spoke of a ghost dressed in white haunting a tree on the premises. But this ghost seems to be the fun kinds. It is said that packets of food have gone missing.

Victoria Hospital Bangalore

Source: Victoria Hospital

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Ghost messed with this article & spoiled the sentences so that it comes across as ‘terrible’ [one of the reader’s feedback] English 🙂

Feedback taken & we have tried to correct it. Articles are light on mind & are not meant for any sort of journalism purpose. Take a chill pill – Read enjoy & share 🙂