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kolorless Kapil is still kolorful

kapil sharma, comedy nights with kapil

go site Writer of this article has fallen head over heels for Kapil Sharma 🙂

http://kellyscasuals.com/about/ Thanks for bringing colors into our life & pun is definitely intended wherever used be it title or the excerpt or the entire content 🙂

click here If you have enjoyed what you have done or doing then you are the luckiestestest !! That can never ever be taken away from you even if you want to 🙂 You have relished all those moments where you were completely into your craft & fortunately one can’t destroy past !

Unknowingly one would have contributed to their surroundings by just being good at what they do. If others understand it or not is proportional to their capability 🙂

In nut-shell – ‘Reward is in the process’ !

kapil sharma

Image Source: Bollylife

Kapil Sharma – opening paragraph was just for you 🙂 You deserve all the LOVE because you have earned it the hard way.

This episode of alleged tussle between him & the channel again proves the fact that human nature has a problem when someone does well & humans enjoy [in the form of sympathy/indifference] when someone falls 🙂

When a person out perform/out grow you then complex arrives which first manifest as jealousy & slowly become bitter to an extent where you no more want the person around you. The other person should just pity the one who is going through all this & feel nice that he/she is not on the other side 🙂

kapil sharma, comedy nights with kapil

Image source: Zeenews

Wish you ‘good luck’ Kapil & least we can do is to say a graceful ‘Thank You’.

Content of the show ‘comedy nights with kapil’ was simply outstanding !