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Ki and Ka- redefining stereotypes or reaffirming them?? - Mad Over Living
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Ki and Ka- redefining stereotypes or reaffirming them??

kareena kapoor arjun kapoor balki ki & ka

We all love to hate stereotype mind conditioning

It’s a point of view on Ki & Ka – completely based on the Trailer. Writer will definitely get back to you once she watches the movie & inform us if her take has taken a hit or not

Trailer itself made her sit up & notice the casual statement that support stereotype & hence defeat the very purpose of the movie.

Following scene from the trailer is the bone of contention for the writer & hence a letter to the director !!

KI ka kareena arjun kapoor

Image courtesy: tribune

A letter to R Balki on his latest plot of role reversal

 To Mr. R Balki,

I have been an admirer of sorts of your movies err I should say thought process (Shamitabh didn’t work for me at all like it didn’t for most of the other people :p) but yes Cheeni Kum was refreshing and Pa stirring. So, when Ki n Ka was announced I must say I was hooked! Certainly with Arjun-Kareena pairing and coming of age storyline, this seemed to be the movie to look out for. So, ofcourse, I started to look out for the promos as well

ki ka kareena kapoor arjun kapor

Image source: intoday

Ok, I’m not sure if I should call myself a feminist but I m certainly ‘I’m strong, I’m invincible, I m a womaaan’ types (yep that 1971 song by Helen Reddy) and I thought you also must believe in that song..what? with a wife like Gauri Shinde you ought to! Her English Vinglish is one of my fav movies. Shows so subtly how homemakers are just not piped down by their husbands but also by their own kids just coz of their inability to either speak English or drive or just holding a fancy conversation with their friends/teachers! Instead of appreciating that their mom’s are there for them 24X7, kids just take for granted biiiig time! N how well Sridevi redeems herself at the end proving that stay at home moms are so much more and doing so much more 🙂 lovely!

english vinglish

Image courtesy : bookmyshow

You must be thinking that you know all this already and what is it actually I am trying to
arrive at? Ok so I’ll go back to Ki and Ka promos (the movie will release only on April 1st). Saw the song “high heels” n my reaction hmm cute, different! Next saw, Arjun being the man of the house and Kareena chasing her career goals.. Felt different felt nice! Next up, Kareena telling her parents that Arjun doesn’t want to be her husband but her wife.  Say whaaa?!? Did I hear it right? Oh yes, I certainly did. “Ye mera husband nahi meri wife banna chahta hau” exact words!!

kareena kapoor arjun kapooer ki ka

Image courtesy : dnaindia

This Sir was my undoing! Why on earth YOU (by you I mean you Sir, the screenwriter) would say such a thing! You mean to say wife’s are below husbands? You mean whoever stays home and manages the home front is a wife and that is lowly thing to do? You mean to say wives are subordinates in this relationship called marriage? Or in a marriage wife named entity has to take care of the house while husband named entity chases career goals?

kareena arjun balki ki & ka

Image courtesy : filmibeat

This was heart breaking! From you, from your stable at least, I wasn’t expecting this! You for one, I thought would deal with this fine subject differently? Show us true equality of relationship instead of pulling any particular gender down? With this promo, I’m not quite sure if I’m looking forward to your movie anymore 🙁 I was quite excited you see so this disappointment is also palpable…

Let’s still wait n watch what comes out of the movie and if others like me also feel the same pinch! Till then I hope in your household hope Gauri continues to be the husband and you the wife!

Yours truly,
A thinking woman & wife