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5 progressive thoughts from Ki&Ka movie - Mad Over Living
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5 progressive thoughts from Ki&Ka movie

kareena arjun balki ki & ka

Movie is worth watching – once for sure

No more challenge conventional thinking in a dramatic way. We can still encourage new thinking without holding a rally or protesting on street [when needed we all should]. If we all change our behavior in day today life situations then change automatically happens. Start with simple ones like

Stop being curious about a girl’s DOB/marital status 🙂 You don’t have to collect data for research purpose all the time !! Applies more so to girls than guys 🙂

Stop troubling couples with kids questions & singles with marriage queries – it’s definitely of no national interest 🙂

Stop asking a guy how much he earns unless you have an intent to spend rest of your life with that person 🙂 Just chill & meet people without prejudices

We liked the following casual changes in the movie

1). It’s ok for girl’s parents to stay with their daughter & son-in-law rather for the boy to move into the girl’s place

Why should parents always stay with their son ? What about the ones having only daughters ? Whom do they fall back upon during their old age ? Son-in-law should take care of his mom & dad-in-law – that is what is expected out of a bahu right ?

KI ka kareena arjun kapoor

Image courtesy: tribune

2). It’s ok for a guy to get attracted to a girl who is older than him. Technically there is no issue 🙂

Science doesn’t dictate rules when it comes to the age gap between a girl & a guy. It’s man made & purely psychological conditioning than logical

kareena kapoor arjun kapooer ki ka

Image courtesy : dnaindia

3). Wedding doesn’t require a nation wide announcement or proof of mangal sutra

Two people have decided to spend rest of their life together. Why should you spend money treating the entire world ? No matter what ! people are capable of finding faults with your shaadi ka food 🙂 Amount saved can actually help lot many needy people. Money saving tip from us – pay heed to this 🙂

Mangal sutra to be worn by a girl – really ? what purpose does it serve ?

kika mangal sutra

Image source : bollywoodlife

4). Age doesn’t restrict companionship

One can find partner at any age. Just because one is old doesn’t mean that they can’t connect to the other person/gender & spend rest of their life just taking care of their kids or grand children. They can still have their own desires be it work or relationship. Kareena’s momz character is very well written – she is single mother, stays with her daughter, works, has a partner unapologetic ally

kika kareena mom

Image courtesy: glamsham.

5). Stop romanticizing ambition/drive

It’s ok to do nothing 🙂 Stop feeling like a loser just because you don’t live by the rule book written by someone. This glorification of ‘achieve something’ is the root cause of all insecurities. It’s ok not to have high aims in life. To be caring, understanding, supportive, respect the other person matters more in life than big dreams. If you have it then just go for it. That doesn’t make you superior to the one who lacks it.

ki ka kareena kapoor arjun kapor

Image source: intoday