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Happy Maha Shivratri

High Impact & Powerful of all the gods – devon ke dev mahadev

Disclaimer is – what is powerful & what or who leaves an impact on you is completely proportional to your belief system. Writer of this article is a huge fan of Lord Shiva & for all what he stands for


Image source : hdpixa

There is something in that austere appearance that draws people towards lord shiva. Another proof that personality can score over looks ! No wonder most of the books or movies made on him top the charts. Audience can connect & feel like as though they can count on him & he would definitely bestow his blessings in a fair way to all. Anger & innocence – all encompassing.

lord shiva

Image source : rudraksha-ratna.com

With all the manly qualities so evident – still makes sure that he gets addressed as goddess parvathi’s husband [parvathi pate har har mahadev] & not the other way. He definitely stands for all the perfect qualities we strive for in this day & age

shiv tandav


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