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Momzz need to teach A,B,C,D... this way - Mad Over Living
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Momzz need to teach A,B,C,D… this way


Thoughtful letter from a first time mommy to her new born angel 🙂

Small change in the way we think as an individual is the only simple & easy way to go about challenging stereotype. If your thought process can make 4-5 people in your zone of influence to think differently then it’s job well done

Mind conditioning starts at home [kid/baby has no other choice during early years] & the way parents talk to their children definitely impacts society at large. Society is all of us put together & not some third person to point finger at.

Letter as is – with just some images sprinkled in between

” My dear li’l one,

As your mom, I will keep sharing my pearls of wisdom with you :p but for now shall we get started with just the ABCs?

A for Attitude coz however cliched it may sound but Attitude does determine the Altitude
B for Bravery and yes I am going to teach my girl to be brave not perfection
C for Carpe Diem; to live every moment

carpe diem

D for Dream On and dispel all self doubt
E for Encouragement (We have your back darling always)
F for Fitness coz health is truly the wealth and yes Fitness no way means being slim
G for Gratitude and thanking God for being blessed


gratitude piglet winnie the poohImage courtesy :

H for holding your head high on your shoulders no matter what the circumstances are
I for Independence both mentally & financially (this one’s crucial!)
J for Joy of giving and you will get tremendous happiness out of it

joy of giving
Image courtesy : cbsnewyork

K for Knowledge and as was tagline for 6th season of KBC “Sirf gyan hi aapko aapka haq dilata hai”
L for this one Life! Focus on Being than Having. Remember that we are just one amongst billion others on this planet
M for Music & Lyrics. What’s life without any music anyways!
N for NO! Yes say No when you should when you must

Say no

Image source: organizingmaven

O for Optimism coz if Plan A fails you still have 25 letters left 🙂
P for Passion, find a passion in life and you may not need ‘work’ in life 🙂
Q for Questions, never sit back, question everything! But do spare ma-pa at times :p
R for Revolutionise, bring your unique touch in everything you do
S for Self Defense, a must must must!
T for the big T, TRAVEL!! Where are we going next?

travel the world

Image Source:

U for Unfollow, negativity & stupidity 
V for Virginity, seriously save it for the right guy. I mean it!
W 🙂 I am strong, I am invincible, I am a Woman!
X pls X’cuse yourself from the unworthy whiles
Y for being Yourself and shrugging the peer pressure
Z for Zest for life as YOLO you only live once!

zest for life

Image source : destressedtozest

Yours forever,
Mom ”

Personal note to the writer – Izu is sooo lucky to have u as mom SSK 🙂