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PINK Movie : Tad over rated - Another point of view - Mad Over Living
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PINK Movie : Tad over rated – Another point of view

pink movie amitabh bachchan

PINK – nothing is more powerful than an idea/thought whose time has come.

Disclaimer : Verbose & lengthy article. Hope you enjoy your each scroll 

We Indians rightly termed as “argumentative”  by Amartya Sen because we exercise the right to expression of our opinions quite vehemently (wish we all were equally zealous  about other rights such as say for example voting 🙂 )

Movie has won ZILLIONS of hearts & minds across the globe. Arguments/opinions/Point of views on the subject galore. Extremely happy that people are discussing the crux (credit to the post release promotion ) as it can have a positive impact in reducing the conditioned (many a times illogical) judgment towards the female clan & hence making their day today life bit easy

Casting is excellent & all the performances by the artists deserve a huge round of applause. Mr Sehgal was a cake walk role for Mr Bachchan’s caliber & as always he has the power to cast a spell on his audience – he as a person & his performances have stood the test of time & hence we are left with no choice than to love/respect him time & again!!

Being an ardent lover of Shoojit Sircar’s Piku & Vicky Donor, I personally felt that this movie is a slight let down. Stereotypes were hit straight in their faces in his earlier movies as well but they were light on mind & casual but impactful.

Watching Vicky donor – Couldn’t stop admiring how an old Punjabi dadi (grand mom) can be more progressive in her thinking than a well-educated/read Bengali father basically conveying the message that education is not a reflection of someone’s soch (thought). Sperm donor is not someone who is looked down upon rather he should be thanked for giving sooo much joy to the childless couple. Divorced female has all the rights to be loved & respected normally. Marital status can’t dictate how good & classy an individual is. Official forms need to stop making ‘marital status’ information mandatory to leak. Above messages were loud & clear through your humorous story telling style.

Fell in love with your narration of Piku where the protagonist having physical relationship with her partner is dealt so calmly, casually & openly. Piku admits that sex is a need & yet doesn’t come across as crass or gross. we are conditioned to believe that sex outside marriage is a crime (as though hormones care our relationship statuses :)) . Guy who ends up admiring her qualities & falling for her (Irfan’s character Rana) knew that she has a partner & that was not even a questionable or stopping criteria. Though cranky & not a virgin, piku was an endearing & adorable character. Message was clear that girl stating that she has physical desires doesn’t require a huge background score & dramatic looks

PINK – the entire movie feel was gloomy & fearful. I (completely personal opinion) felt you were again shaming & showing the pain of a victim, I badly wanted to see men/boys suffer. I wanted to see fear in boys’ eyes after committing such a gross act. In court, I wish boys were made to sweat/shit in their pants facing hard hitting questions from Mr Sehgal (lawyer). Wish girls ganged up & beat up boys as a sabak (lesson).Bunch of girls can be physically strong enough to deal with 3-4 boys.

Shame & name boys everywhere  & leak their pictures not the girl’s pic. Why did your story writer make Deepak sehgal’s character so somber – bed ridden wife who finally dies, he dealing with his bi polar syndrome, Scary stares . Character could have been more lively & healthy.

After watching Vicky Donor – it gives the comfort to many sperm donors that they are not doing anything that can’t be talked about. Divorced girls can find love again from a single guy. Piku makes you feel that virginity is not a necessary character defining criteria for a girl.

PINK didn’t inspire me to take such an action of dealing with guys after watching the gut wrenching situation of girls.

I understand that what you showed is a reality. But I expect people like you to change that reality by giving other perspectives/choices. Wanted to see police supporting girls & making boys pay for their deeds. Wanted to see boys feeling uncomfortable walking on the streets as people start to take dig at them. Wanted to see public/residential colony folks supporting girls over boys. We all anyways know the reality but still Wanted to see boys’ influential parents whacking them up for their heinous act. Stop victimizing the victim in movies & real life.

Also wanted you to stress on archaic laws badly requiring amendments to make the judicial process more fair & victim friendly.

That said, am still a loyal fan of your soch (thought) Shoojit 🙂 Expect many more Pikus & Vicky donors.

Feature image source : logicalmoviereviews