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Rhine falls at Switzerland Europe's largest waterfall
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Tour of Rhine Falls – Europe’s largest waterfall

rhine falls switzerland

Rhein [german] falls is a sight to watch. You get to taste both the worlds of Swiss & German as it is situated on the border of these two countries

Very well maintained, organised & tourist friendly. The way falls roar is fascinating ! The feel you get when you stand on the top of the Europe’s largest water fall & watch it in all its glory is simply magnificent !

Feast your eyes with each scroll on your mobile/desktop/tablet !

Quite a colorful train from Zurich station to Rhine Falls

zurich train

Panorama view of the Rhine Falls

Watching water flowing has its own soothing effect. That too in Europe which is known for its scenic beauty adds to the charm.

Rhine Falls europe switzerland

Ferocious Roar of the Rhine Falls is unforgettable

rhine falls

rhine falls

Switzerland & scenic view go hand in hand

rhine falls switzerland

In the Middle of the largest waterfall in Europe

Boat ride with Switzerland flags takes you to various islands. View around you is like as though you are in the middle of a thick jungle. All the while you end up seeing Switzerland’s beauty. Europe’s charm is unbeatable because of places like this

rhine fall boat ride

Rhine Romanticists – Painter Turner also couldn’t escape the pull of this place

Turner Rhine Falls painting

We will leave you with Swiss [Switzerland] feel

switzerland europe

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