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Start up rush in India - Mad Over Living
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Start up rush in India

start up

Times have changed for good

It’s interesting to see this immense SEA change in a span of just 5-6 years !! Market has experienced dramatic entrance of start ups literally like mushrooms. Every street houses a start up, every 1 in 5th person [used figuratively] is a Director/CEO/CMO – in Bangalore at least

Everything has its own charm & challenges. Even we hear a lot of debate around this – calling it a bubble. Good, Bad, Ugly – we can’t ignore this change. It has got lot to offer atleast in terms of learnings. Right time at the right place applies to all who wanna venture out now. We need to give them the credit for creating jobs for sure

We think the following happenings have brought this phenomenal change

1). Improved mindset in the market

Fear of failure that usually holds a person back has decreased. Usual path of success as defined by the conventional society : graduation -> post graduation -> corporate ladder -> marriage -> kids is no more a norm. People have started to accept & respect all kinds of thinking. Sentiments can make sensex fluctuate & so this is important


Image source : mentioned on the image

2). Access to money

Because of decades of IT boom + volume market India provides + global exposure – availability of money has increased. People who are cash rich [surplus above the security funds] & who understand this changed mindset are easily accessible & available. Raising fund is no more a far fetched & tough task. It all boils down to utilization of funds – execution.

Entrepreneurs are no more in that ‘high risk takers’ bucket because nothing is actually at stake monetarily. Initial capital investment is very less because the presence of a company is felt more so digitally than the real buildings


Image source : sayleswinnikoff

3). Technology advancement

We Indians have always been good at adopting & understanding the technology.Today one doesn’t need 5 developers to take a website live. Technology is both affordable & easy to use. This fastens your execution & also brings in better ROI for the money spent. Digital technology advancement has genuinely made the level playing field a reality. Go to market is extremely easy & fast compared to what it was 6 years back. We are all easily connected through internet which makes business easy & fast

technology internet

Image source : techquark

4). Desi Market

Our population is a blessing if utilized well. We don’t need global clients/market at all. India is a self sufficient market. If money changes hands among this 1 billion population regularly then all can survive happily. Economy in simple terms is just about money changing hands. This market is more receptive to new offerings at this point in time. Why else would hollywood want Indian actors – to capture this huge market + definitely our people have that potential to cast a spell on the globe

indian market

Image source : livemint

5). Friendly laws

Law of the land has started to respect the above changes & is opening up fast by easing out the laws.This will further bolster the investment from foreign shores. If laws asks foreign companies to claim perks based on the infrastructure contribution to the country then it will be a huge win-win for all. Ex: spectrum bid in telecom should be based on infrastructure investment they bring into the country. It is still a bid but of different kind

indian law

Image Source: eeditorials