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Top 5 places for Phuchkaas in Kolkata! - Mad Over Living
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Top 5 places for Phuchkaas in Kolkata!

And the best Phuchka award in Kolkata goes to…The Top 5 !!

Be it the Golgappas of the north to the pani puris of the south or the much loved phuchkas of the east, nothing can beat the crunchy tanginess that just melts in the mouth and enliven our senses!

Though I am biased towards the Delhi chaat and Mumbai vada paos but the phuchkas just win hands down in front of its Delhi and Mumbai cousins!

Here are my top 5 picks of this tangy atom-bomb!

5. Vardaan Market

A very popular hangout place for the Kolkatans, the vendors just outside the Vardaan Market serves up an array of delectable chaats! So, it’s no surprise that the phuchkas served here feature on our Top 5 list! But, don’t miss the Victoria Vada’s here at Chauhan’s where even British PM David Cameroon had a bite! 


4. Victoria Memorial

Imagine a romantic date when the sun is about to set with Victoria memorial in the background, buggy ride around the lush gardens and then the perfect ending with yes our beloved phuchkas! 😛 Haha, we know it couldn’t get better for us sweet & spicy Kolkatans! Sample the phuchkas here for the authentic signature taste which dates back to the golden 70s!


3. Dakshinapan

One of my favourite shopping complexes in the city and with one of the best phuchkas and chaat stalls! Try their extra jhaal and their alur dum specialities for that quirky phuchka experience!


2. Russell Sweet

This one’s my personal favourite! The puchkas are just top class here! A visit to park street is incomplete without first a bite here! Adjust the jhaal to your liking and you’ll surely get your “Ahaa” moment here! Round off your park street walk with aromatic chai and singhada at the Russell dhaba for that perfect evening outing!

1. New Alipore

For the extra large crunch in your mouth head nowhere but to “Bada Phuchkawalla” and you’ll get exactly what has been promised! 😛 and if you are in the mood for a twist in the tale, go nowhere other than the one in front of Nandan market for raw mango pulp water, jaa-jeera flavour along with the regular all time favourite tamarind water!

This list is just the tip of the iceberg coz we know you get lip smacking, drool-worthy phuchkas at very nook & corner of this city of joy! Who are your favourites? Don’t forget to share with us phuchka maniacs!