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Wanna experience french feel then visit Pondicherry - Mad Over Living
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Wanna experience french feel then visit Pondicherry


You need not always plan overseas travel to get rich experiences. It’s all about being open in your mind.No matter where you are – you can gather memories that can last a lifetime. One thing that makes your trip full on dhamaal is the company you keep or get on the way if you travel solo

Solo or group travel – It’s for you to decide & each has its own charm. Pondicherry is easy to reach & has its own historic significance. Who can forget those mustard color houses that give you french feel in India. City has ashrams & beaches – classic example of how two extremely contrary concepts can co-exist. No wonder India is called sub continent. At times we think every city within India has so much diversity that city in itself is no less than a continent

Take a tour of the city through pictures

Way to Pondicherry has Mahabalipuram

Do take a guide & know the history


Buddhist influence is quite fascinating. Ma Durga inside a Lion

mahabalipuram shore temple

Ocean Spray – Best place to stay & explore pondicherry

This resort is built on artificial lake. Quite an experience to stay here. Resort itself can offer the much needed  rejuvenation as the year comes to an end


Resort has open sky Jacuzzi

pondicherry ocean spray


pondicherry resort


pondicherry resort

French Colony feel

source of image :

french colony pondicherry

Auro Beach – Hyped for no reason

auro beach pondi

Churches with unique architecture

The church of our lady of angels – Greece architecture

church pondicherry

Basilica of the sacred heart


Universal Township Auroville

We endorse the concept of vishwa manava – Universal human being. Credit of popularising this ocncept goes to Gnanapeetha kannada Poet Kuvempu



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