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One of the most expensive shopping street in the world - Mad Over Living
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One of the most expensive shopping street in the world

zurich switzerland expensive street

Worth a visit – irrespective of whether you shop here or not 🙂

Impact of yash raj movies is that – Switzerland has become a coveted must visit destination in India. Swiss can let you down a bit if you visit it with very high larger than life 70 mm dreamy expectations ! What comes to your mind when one says Switzerland  – breathtaking landscapes, lovely train journey, romantic songs playing in your mind, watches, black money ? !

Zurich – the financial hub of swiss houses all the popular banks & also the expensive street Bahnhofstrasse.May be one needs to borrow money from these banks to shop at such places 🙂 This is like zurich’s downtown. Stroll on this street gives you a high. If you can shop as well without seeing the price tag here then you invite envy from all of us 🙂 Enjoy some of the pics of this street.

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Zurich HB – Largest railway station of Europe

we all know that entire Europe is quite well connected by train. Trust me ! Europe train journey is lovely – more so in Holland than Swiss. Even the entire Zurich has good tram links making it affordable to roam the city safely. Street is walk able from the HB station

Zurich HB Switzerland europe largest railway station

View of the expensive shopping street Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse street zurich switzerland

Line up of high end brands’ exclusive showroom

Street has Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Rolex .. List goes on & on.. Jimmy Choo was princess Diana’s favorite too 🙂

Jimmy choo zurich switzerland


Louis vuitton zurich switzerland

Financial institutions also have found their place on this street – UBS & Credit Suisse

UBS Credit Suisse zurich switzerland

One end of the street has a lake

After a long walk on the street relishing all your favorite brands – you can have a quiet seating here near the lake. It’s soothing. Every 20 minutes you have  tram to take you to the other side of the street connecting you to the main Zurich HB railway station

Zurich lake